QuintusVisuals for TIBCO Spotfire®

The QuintusVisuals have been programmed using the functions in the TIBCO Spotfire® SDK and so are, of course, fully compatible with the TIBCO Spotfire® application itself.

For details regarding a specific QuintusVisual use the following icons or the navigation panel.

Spiderplot Cascade Speeddial TrafficLight

Why the QuintusVisuals?
The QuintusVisuals are an optimum way to visualise your data. They give you more options for visualising your data in multiple views. You gain perspective and understanding of your data. Connecting the dots becomes more visible that would possibly have remained hidden in your data otherwise. The QuintusVisuals are fully integrated and completely compatible with the standard visualisations that you already know in TIBCO Spotfire®. Every user within your organisation can easily use QuintusVisuals without having to take a course.

Complimentary, documentation is provided with each installation for ease of use and easy usability.

Who are the users of the QuintusVisuals?
Are you a TIBCO Spotfire® user? Do you work at a management level within your organisation and also make decisions using TIBCO Spotfire® analyses? Do you want to convince your organisation or your clients of your findings? Are you a project manager and do you want to know which projects give you the best returns? In many business choices it is crucial to have a deep understanding of your data and be able to visualize it precisely. As the well-known saying goes, "A picture says a thousand words".

Are you interested?

Do you have any further questions or you want to see a demo with your own data? That's possible!

Quintus would be pleased to visit you to give a demo of the QuintusVisuals for Spotfire. To make an appointment you can contact us.